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Around The World chords lyrics


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     Around The World ( chords )
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        Tom: G#
    All around the world
    We could make time
    Rompin' and a stompin'
    'Cause I'm in my prime
    Born in the north
    And sworn to entertain ya
    'Cause I'm down for
    The state of Pennsylvania
    I try not to whine
    But I must warn ya
    'Bout the girls
    From California
    Alabama baby
    Said hallelujah
    Good god girl
    I wish I knew ya
    G# Cm
    I know I know for sure
    Fm Cm
    That life is beautiful around the world
    G# Cm
    I know I know it's you
    Fm Cm
    You say hello and then I say I do
    Come back baby
    'Cause I'd like to say
    I've been around the world
    Back from Bombay
    Fox hole love
    Pie in your face
    Living in and out
    Of a big fat suitcase
    Bonafide ride
    Step aside my Johnson
    Yes I could
    In the woods of Wisconsin
    Wake up the cake
    It's a lake she's kissin' me
    As they do when
    When they do in Sicily
    Where you want to go
    Who you want to be
    What you want to do
    Just come with me
    I saw God
    And I saw the fountains
    You and me girl
    Sittin' in the Swiss mountains
    Me Oh My O
    Me and Guy O
    Freer than a bird
    'Cause we're rockin' Ohio
    Around the world
    I feel dutiful
    Take a wife
    'Cause life is beautiful
    G# Cm
    I know I know for sure
    Fm Cm
    G# Cm
    I know I know it's you
    Fm Cm
    (G# Cm Fm Cm)
    Mother Russia do not suffer
    I know you're bold enough
    I've been around the world
    And I have seen your love
    I know I know it's you
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